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Unleash Your Healing Biz
With Total Confidence

Free Training to Grow Your Healing Business Even if You're Overwhelmed With Self-Doubt

Over 3 video modules, you will learn:


  • How easy and fun it can be to run a healing business

  • To bust through mental blocks about going full-time

  • To avoid the most common mistakes people make when running a healing biz

  • How to have unshakeable confidence in your abilities

  • To follow your Soul Path

  • To be unapologetically yourself in business

Is it finally time to ditch self-doubt and grow your healing business with confidence and ease?

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1:1 Sessions

Heal anxiety and self-doubt with a powerful combination of

Hypnotherapy and Reiki

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Reiki Training

Online and in person - Beginner, Practitioner Level and

Master Teacher Level

Online Courses


 Boost your wellbeing from the comfort of your own home

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Hi love

  • Have you been finding things more difficult lately?

  • Do you find yourself stuck in a worry loop?

  • Are you feeling anxious, overwhelmed - even depressed?

  • Maybe you're struggling to sleep?

Perhaps you know something has to change, but you've no idea how.

Welcome - you're in the right place - I can help you!


I use a gentle yet powerful combination of hypnotherapy and Reiki to help you recover your peace of mind - helping you embrace change, and cultivate true happiness.

I feel so happy!


Oh my god, I feel so happy! What did you do?! You're a witch!!!

Tish Potter

Happy Woman

You'd be amazed to discover how quickly things can be totally transformed for the better.


It does not have to take years of endless therapy.

Whether you're completely new to this stuff, or you're already familiar with hypnosis and alternative therapies, you'll quickly see how amazingly well it works.

You'll feel light and positive again, and more optimistic - you'll remember how to look forward to the day.

Sunset sky

I feel stronger and clearer


"Everything feels like less of a struggle, less challenging, less stressful. 

I feel stronger and clearer than I have in a long while."

Ali Pennell
sunset sky

You'll be able to sleep easily, and wake up feeling great.

Phobias? Gone.

Anxiety? Eased.

Depression? Lifted.

You know how you can be stuck in the middle of a storm - wind howling, rain battering - and you can't see a thing?

Then all of a sudden, the rain stops, there's a chink in the clouds - and moments later you're basking in the sunshine?

That's how it is with this work - you don't need to know the way out - just get ready to see the light.


"Incredible is the best way to explain it.​

We all have different issues throughout life but thanks to you, Sophie, mine are disappearing.

Steve Duncan

Happy Old Man

Hi, I'm Sophie. I'm both woo and practical.


I don't wear patchouli or deal in ancient curses - but I may talk about blocked energy and your heartspace.

I'll probably swear a bit too.


Hopefully, I'll make you laugh - definitely, I'll help you feel better.


I'll help you recover from your emotional pain, and I'll do that in a part practical, part ethereal way.

Doggy cuddles are optional.


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Recover and restore your peace of mind with

Reiki and Hypnotherapy

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Learn Reiki healing for yourself - from beginner to Master Teacher Level

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 Magically create wellbeing from the comfort of your own home

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The Hare and the Moon

A calming fable for anxious children, written and illustrated by therapist and artist, Sophie Shaw.

Highly recommended by SENDCOs, therapists, teachers, parents and senior lecturers in Special Education.

The sweet, scared Hare will help teach your anxious child simple mindfulness and meditation techniques to help them overcome their anxiety.


Full-colour Special Edition, workbook and audiobook out now.

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