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Hypnotherapeutic Healing™
Transformational Reiki Training

I help healers overcome anxiety and self-doubt, so they can get on with the business of healing

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sophie shaw reiki master teacher hypnotherapist norwich hypnotherapy



Ditch anxiety, self-doubt, stress and overwhelm.


Reach your big breakthrough with Hypnotherapeutic Healing™ - a unique, transformational and powerful combination of Hypnotherapy and Reiki.


Healing sessions take place online and in person.

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sophie shaw reiki master teacher norwich hypnotherapy hypnotherapist



Learn how to harness natural energy to deeply heal yourself and others.


Start a new career or add to your healing business by becoming a professional Reiki Practitioner.


Transformational Reiki Training online and in person from beginner to Master Teacher.

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Learn Reiki, find self-confidence, sleep better and much more.


Choose from my growing selection of free and paid eCourses to enrich your life and business.

Try Hypnotheraputic Healing for Yourself

Get a real sense of what it's like to work with me

Take some time for yourself and enjoy this very powerful guided healing session absolutely FREE

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Book a free, no-obligation 30-min session and we'll discover if the way I work is right for you


21 Days of Sweary Affirmations

(that actually work!)

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Are your affirmations a bit... well... boring?


Affirmations should light you up and make you feel amazing! They should make you say a massive "fuck yeah!"

You need a little sass and spice with your positivity, to really make those affirmations POP.


Don't worry - I've got you.

I've created 21 days of animated phone wallpapers, filled with awesome, irreverent stupidity. Every time you look at your phone, you'll feel so inspired, it'll be like you're shitting rainbows 🌈🌈🌈

Hi love

  • Are you an intuitive healer needing a shot of self-confidence?

  • Are you letting anxiety, self-doubt and overwhelm stop you from creating your shining life and business?

  • Are you, in short, getting your head stuck up your butthole?

Time to stop that shit!

Welcome - you're in the right place - I can help you!


I help badass healers bust through their mental blocks and point and laugh at their demons, so they can truly love and accept themselves and get on with the business of healing!

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Sophie Shaw Reiki Master Teacher Hypnotherapist Norwich

I feel so happy!


Oh my god, I feel so happy! What did you do?! You're a witch!!!

Tish Potter

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Patricia Tish Potter
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Healing may not be linear, but it can be rapid - and last a lifetime

 a sweary, practical hippy.


I love to de-mystify energy work and bring 'woo-woo' into the real world, where it can literally change lives.


I don't do patchouli and paisley chiffon, or believe in ancient curses - but I may talk about blocked energy and your heartspace.

I'll probably swear a bit too.


Hopefully, I'll make you laugh - definitely, I'll help you feel better.

Doggy cuddles are optional (but how can you resist?! Ook at dat widdle face!)

sophie shaw reiki master teacher hypnotherapist hypnotherapy norwich

I'm Sophie

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Incredible is the best way to explain it.​

We all have different issues throughout life but thanks to you, Sophie, mine are disappearing.

Steve Duncan

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Hypnotherapeutic Healing™

online and in person



Transformational Training from beginner to Master Teacher level



Free and paid eCourses to enrich your life and business

I feel stronger and clearer


Everything feels like less of a struggle, less challenging, less stressful. 

I feel stronger and clearer than I have in a long while.

Ali Pennell

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