The Hare and the Moon

a Healing Tale of Wonder and Wellbeing

Out now in paperback and Kindle editions, 

A calming, magical bedtime story for anxious children, written and illustrated by therapist and artist, Sophie Shaw.

The sweet, scared Hare will teach your anxious child simple mindfulness and meditation techniques to help them overcome their anxiety.

Hello, you

  • Are you feeling 'off'? Not your best self, or your usual self?

  • Are you going through a difficult period of change or upheaval?

  • Have you been dealing with physical or emotional pain for some time?

  • Have you tried to make changes by yourself, but didn't know where to start?

  • Would you like to feel better again? 


You are in the right place


Imagine if you could simply relax, completely at ease and with total peace of mind - can you remember a time when you felt that comfortable and peaceful? 

Discover how the gentle, powerful techniques of Hypnotherapy and Reiki totally transform your wellbeing.  You will make empowering changes happen easily as your mental, physical and emotional health recover.


You'll be amazed to find that using the incredible power of your imagination can be a catalyst for unbelievable change. 


We'll work together to bring you into alignment with your true nature - better feeling thoughts, a happier mind and body - helping you to feel amazing and to achieve all you've been wanting and hoping for.

Get in touch and start feeling better




Sophie Shaw

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