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Hi, I'm Sophie

Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher, sweary single mum and Netflix addict.


I live in the wild green of the beautiful Norfolk countryside with my brilliant neurodiverse son, anxious rescue dog and over-confident cat (seriously - the cat is un-spookable).


I'm part meditation, crystals and gong baths and part cake, trash tv and pyjama days. 


Back in 2008, I was mum to a baby who Would. Not. Sleep.

I had post-natal depression and anxiety, I was struggling financially and my marriage was crumbling.

I felt untethered and all at sea.

The word 'Reiki' just pinged into my head - and honestly, although I'd heard of it, I had no idea what it actually was.


I took a leap of faith.

I trained as a Reiki Practitioner, and then later as a Reiki Master Teacher - I had no clue what a life-changing experience it was going to be. 


Reiki gave me a safe harbour.

I discovered that I had the power - we all do - to completely change my state of mind - and so quickly too.


It was the beginning of a whole new path for me, one that led me out of pain and into the most rewarding period of my life...

Sophie Shaw hypnotherapist and Reiki Master holding her baby son

omg so tired

Sophie is one of the best Reiki Master Teachers around.

Her Reiki technique and healing touch are absolutely beautiful

- Mann Matharu


Then I became a certified hypnotherapist - and WOW.

Reiki alone is incredible, but I discovered that Reiki paired with hypnotherapy is like healing turned up to 11.


I've never looked back.


Since that first leap of faith, I've:

  • healed, trained and helped 300+ happy clients, patients and students

  • solo-parented my amazing son through many tough times

  • worked and volunteered for 3 years at a renowned London hospice

  • left the city smoke for wild, green countryside and big skies

  • rescued 3 naughty cats and 1 beautiful dog

  • written, illustrated and published a book for anxious children

  • launched 3 online courses (so far)

  • dyed my hair 879(ish) different colours

  • dropped approximately 8,350 f-bombs

  • eaten a lot of crisps

and I'm still going!

Join me on social, where I blether on about all sorts of stuff, both trivial and profound.

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