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A happily sleeping woman, eyes closed, hugging her pillow

Get your sleep sorted and everything else falls into place.


Do you have trouble:

○ getting to sleep?

○ staying asleep through the night?

○ waking too early?


Do you still feel exhausted when you wake up?

I've been in practice for over a decade - I know why my clients can't sleep - and I know how to help them get the best sleep of their lives, effortlessly.

I've discovered what works and what doesn't, and I've packed it all into this brilliant online course.

Welcome to a week of simple, effortless, transformative learning.

I've had problems sleeping for years.

After just a couple of days, I was already sleeping better - and by the end of the week, I was having a good 7 hours.

In the mornings I feel refreshed and ready to face the day - Lesley Fields

Sleep is easier to fix than you think!

All you need to do is be willing to change your beliefs - after all, you've tried believing that insomnia is incurable - has that helped you yet?

When you do - even if you've been struggling for years - you'll find yourself:

drifting off to sleep easily ○

sleeping beautifully all night long ○

waking up feeling refreshed and re-energised ○

feeling optimistic and eager for the day ahead ○

feeling like your 'old self' again ○

I've seen it happen time and again, and it always makes me smile!

I love how amazed my clients are to find that resistance melts away -

 insomnia is a thing of the past and sleep becomes a non-issue.

above the clouds, a message floating that says "hold your beliefs lightly"

Wow, Sophie - I have now had weeks of being able to get to sleep easily.

The course is easy to follow and definitely effective. Thank you, you angel - Kirsty Bolton

a happy grey cat sleeping on a white bed

Over seven days, I will guide you step-by-step through a beautifully calming process that eases you back to healthy sleep.

For just £149, you'll receive:

○ a guided meditation to help ease away any tension.

○ a powerful hypnotic recording that will remove any subconscious blocks to sleep.

○ five videos to guide you through the week

○ simple lifestyle tweaks to improve your 'sleep hygiene' and maximise your chances of enjoying sleep. 

By the end of the course, if not before, you'll learn how to:

break the cycle of sleeplessness and set yourself up for deep, healing sleep.

Now not only can I get to sleep easily,

I am getting good quality sleep.

In fact, I'm even managing to sleep in on a Sunday

which I had given up on - Tracey Harper

When we sleep, we heal - both mind and body.


Endless nights of no sleep can wreak havoc on your physical, mental and emotional health.


You already know this, if insomnia has made you experience:

exhaustion and hopelessness ○

irritability and anger ○

depression and anxiety ○

brain fog, memory issues or clumsiness ○

sensitivity to pain ○

weight gain, headaches and high blood pressure ○

inflammation and weakened immune system ○

This course will re-connect you with your body's natural ability to heal itself - all while you sleep.

a laughing woman outside in a sunny piazza

I have got to sleep like a dreamy baby! 

All easy to use resources with amazing results

- Jane Moony

a wonderful week of transformation and healing

Take control of your sleep once and for all.

This course is just £79 - that's less than the cost of a massage - less than the price of dinner and a movie - probably less than you spend on a weekly shop!

And just think what you'll get from it - what's that worth?

Some people find that they need more comprehensive, personalised support to tackle their sleep issues. 

A six-week intensive is a powerful way to eradicate sleeplessness and insomnia for good.

Book a free 30-min session to see how I work and if it's right for you.