The Hare and the Moon - Sophie Shaw - Ha


The Hare  and the  Moon
a calming fable for anxious children

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The magical, calming fable for anxious children,

widely praised by SENDCOs, teachers and therapists 

Now in a full-colour expanded Special Edition and workbook.


Also available - the audiobook!

"A much-needed and reassuring guide for all ages."

Dr Janet Hoskin

Senior Lecturer in Special Education

Out Now!

The Hare and the Moon is a calming, magical fable for anxious children, recommended by SENDCOs, therapists, teachers, parents and senior lecturers in Special Education.
Written and illustrated by therapist and artist Sophie Shaw

Hare stared out in the darkness

Did you ever wonder what happened after the Tortoise beat the Hare? 


Originally released in 2019, The Hare and the Moon has already helped hundreds of children to feel calmer and more confident, making bedtimes smoother and parents lives easier.


Now available - a full-colour, expanded Special Edition - with a dedicated workbook and audiobook!

"Beautifully written to explain how to overcome anxiety, and accessible to all."

Hollie Moore

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator (SENDCO)

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The sweet, scared Hare will teach your anxious child simple meditation techniques to help them overcome their anxiety.


Young Hare loves running – there's nothing like it! But when he’s beaten by the slow Tortoise, he feels embarrassed and can’t stop worrying. What can he do? 


He turns to Mother Hare for help and she gives him the strangest advice – she tells him to go and meet the Moon . . . 


This book is a gentle introduction to mindfulness and meditation techniques that can help anxious children calm their nerves and manage their emotions.

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"A profound yet accessible message for children of all ages."

John Maxwell

Head Teacher and Senior Counsellor

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"Beautifully written. Would help to calm all that suffer with feelings of anxiety."

Hazel Rose Coleman

counsellor and psychotherapist

The audiobook

Read by the author and illustrator, Sophie Shaw


As a hypnotherapist and former actor - I knew that I had to be the one to tell my story - and it turned out SO BEAUTIFULLY.

Using ever-so-soothing music and a gently calming voice, this is the magical method that will ease your anxious child into the sleepy Land of Nod, without a fuss.

Listen to Chapter One

Praise for the book:

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"She usually is fidgeting around like anything when I'm reading, but this time she relaxed and was much calmer."

Karen Staples

mum to Katie, 10

"A beautiful story of resilience, hope and inner strength."

Dani Tamblyn

drama teacher

"A magical story. A book that will be treasured, regardless of your age."

Amazon review

"Should be in all primary school libraries."

Amazon review

"The illustrations are exquisite"

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Enjoyed the book? Buy an illustration and let The Hare and the Moon watch over your anxious child while they sleep.

the hare and the moon by sophie shaw
the hare and the moon by sophie shaw
The Hare and the Moon - Sophie Shaw - Ha
The Hare and the Moon - Sophie Shaw - Ha
The Hare and the Moon - Sophie Shaw - Ha