The Hare

and the Moon

a magical, calming fable for anxious children

written and illustrated by therapist and artist Sophie Shaw

Did you ever wonder what happened after the Tortoise beat the Hare in a race? 


The sweet, scared Hare will teach your anxious child simple meditation techniques to help them overcome their anxiety.


Young Hare loves running – there's nothing like it! But when he’s beaten by the slow Tortoise, he feels embarrassed and can’t stop worrying. What can he do? 


He turns to Mother Hare for help and she gives him the strangest advice – she tells him to go and meet the Moon . . . 


This book is a gentle introduction to mindfulness and meditation techniques that can help anxious children calm their nerves and manage their emotions.

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Enjoyed the book? Buy an illustration print and let The Hare and the Moon watch over your little one while they sleep.

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