Heal anxiety, depression and stress - naturally


One thing I can tell you for certain - the moment you ask for help, is the moment you start to heal.

Let me help you.


It is not true that depression is untreatable, or that you'll always have to live with anxiety.


It is not true that stress is just a part of life and there's nothing you can do about it.


How do I know?


Well, for one thing, I've lived it. I've been through the misery of depression and anxiety many times - believing that medication was the only option, having years of therapy that provided temporary relief but didn't really change things.

What did change things?

Basically, doing the work.


First, I learned how to heal myself with Reiki - that was a huge shift.


Then, I found the right therapist, an amazing woman who worked with hypnosis as well as healing discussion.

I made self-loving decisions, like training as a hypnotherapist myself - and I asked for help.

Does that mean my life is perfect? Definitely not!

I'm a single mum to a wonderful boy with complex emotional needs, so yeah, of course I still experience stress and occasional anxiety.


The difference is that now I recover a lot faster. I don't sink under - I have tools in my belt to help me manage and thrive - and I still ask for help.

Sophie's deeply healing voice, sweetness and wisdom have been a balsam for my emotions - Anna Miquel Bono

I've found that almost all emotional issues are caused by a feeling of not being Good Enough.


Heal that core belief and everything changes for the better.

Panic attacks reduce or disappear.

Insomnia turns into healthy, refreshing sleep

Depression lightens, lifts and becomes optimism.

Anxiety eases and transforms into confidence.

Overeating/binge drinking - the need just disappears.

Fears and phobias vanish, to be replaced by unshakeable confidence.

Unwanted thoughts stop intruding and transform into balanced thinking.

Low self-esteem is replaced by a true and lasting sense of self-worth and value.

Thank you, Sophie - as well as always making me feel so immensely relaxed and relieved, I will be forever grateful for your huge inspiration and the great confidence you have helped bring out in me.

- Nathalie Castillo

Emotional Recovery Package

Have you ever noticed how most hypnotherapists don't tell you what they charge?

Yeah... I don't do that.


The Emotional Recovery package is six sessions of Hypnotherapy and Reiki, to be taken either weekly or fortnightly, depending on your needs.


During COVID-19 times, each session lasts 60 minutes and includes therapeutic discussion, hypnosis and healing. 

All sessions are confidential and you may be given a recording of the hypnotic portion of your session if needed.

You decide how often you want the sessions, what the balance of Reiki to Hypnotherapy is and whether you want follow-up sessions.

In-person or online via Zoom - £399


Follow-up sessions, if you need them are charged at full price:


In-person or online via Zoom - £70 per session

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