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Learning Reiki absolutely changed my life for the better. 

Then, when I learned how to combine it with hypnotherapy, it blew my mind.


This stuff is seriously good.

I've had countless clients come to their first session, sit down and just weep.

Partly it's the relief of just being able to let go - and partly it's that they know - finally - things are about to change for the better.

And every one of them left smiling. Beaming, in fact.

It does not have to take months or years of therapy - change can happen in moments.

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While the Reiki gets to work soothing the nervous system, healing energy on a profound level - emotional, physical and spiritual - the hypnotherapy takes care of all the mental 'stuff'.


And amazingly quickly too.

Hypnotherapy unpicks and powerfully re-writes all your negative mental programming.


That's the hurtful stories we all pick up throughout life that sabotage us when we try to do well and feel happy.

All the unwanted thoughts, feelings of not being good enough, fears of taking risks or being seen - it's time to let them all go.

And Reiki? Reiki is the mind-blowingly powerful natural energy healing system that works on everything - creating an extraordinary sense of peace, calm and relaxation, that lasts well beyond the session.

The world just seems very bright and I am finding it easier to notice lovely things! - Kirsty Bolton

so let's bust a few myths, shall we?

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Can you control me with hypnosis? Can you make me do something I don't want to do?

Yesss... send me alll your money....

I wish!

No, the truth is, despite what you might have seen on tv or on the stage, hypnotherapy is a completely co-operative process - if you're not willing, it won't work.


You remain in control at all times - I can't make you cluck like a chicken.

And if you ever need to stop for any reason, you'll be able to come wide awake easily at any point.


The hypnotherapist simply uses deeply relaxing techniques to talk to your unconscious mind, unpicking negative thought patterns and deeply held beliefs and replacing them for positive ones that serve you better.

The goal of the sessions is to empower you, so that you no longer need me!

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Will I fall asleep?

Not really.


Have you ever driven to work, or to a friend's house, and when you arrived, you had no conscious awareness of how you got there?

That's a light hypnotic state - and we all go into them several times a day.

Hypnosis isn't like sleep, where you're totally unconscious - it's a sort of day-dreamy, deeply relaxed, blurry-yet-creative sort of state, where your subconscious mind is open and your conscious mind is free to wander where it will.

Now, having said that, it's fairly common - and totally ok - to fall asleep during Reiki!

Don't worry - I've heard all the snoring - you won't be the loudest!

It's just a wonderful sign that you're totally letting go.

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What does Reiki feel like?

Well, it depends.

Experiences of Reiki vary from person to person - and from session to session!


You might feel something, you might feel nothing - and you don't have to feel anything except deeply relaxed - the Reiki will work regardless.


Some of the most common experiences include: feeling heat/cold, tingling sensations, seeing colours/images, having gentle pushing/pulling sensations or twitching muscles.


It's deeply powerful, usually very gentle - and always completely safe. Some people also feel a strong release of emotion - that's totally normal and nothing to worry about.

There is always a box of tissues on hand.

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Do I need loads of sessions?

This is one of the things I love most about Hypnotherapy and Reiki.


I've got nothing against psychotherapy, I've had a lot. It's just that I found (and too many of my clients have found this too) that after years of sessions, I didn't actually feel any different.


The traditional therapy model is endless - but with Reiki and Hypnotherapy, it does not take months and years of sessions to make huge, lasting changes.

Most people will benefit from a package of 6-12 sessions to really get to the bottom of your issue - you may need fewer or more, everyone is different.

Ultimately, it's up to you - I will guide you and make recommendations - but you're in control and you decide what you need.

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