Happy Woman

What Next?

Just finished a block of sessions and feeling pretty freaking good?


So what happens next?

Nurture and Nurture Plus

two empowering programmes for monthly healing support

Whenever I finish a course of therapy or group challenge, one of two things happens.


  • I think I'm sorted, and I can go it alone (over-confident!)

  • I feel nervous and wonder how I'll manage by myself (not confident enough!)


Without getting regular check-ins and support from a coach, it's easy to fall back into old habits - old patterns, old beliefs and behaviours. 

Does this sound familiar? Don't feel bad - we all do it (ask me how I know!)

Maybe you don't need weekly support anymore - BUT - you do need regular 're-calibrating'.


Regular reminders of who you really are, and how far you've come.

You need someone to help keep you on track.


These are the tweaks and loving nudges that help keep you on your intended path, and stop you from falling back into old ways.

For this reason, I've created two
ongoing support programmes for you.

sophie shaw hypnotherapist norwich reiki master teacher


6 months of guidance and healing support

Nurture is an incredible way to protect and reinforce the transformations you make during your initial block of sessions - and start to open up your next beautiful chapter.

This is about maintenance - AND about moving forward.


With Nurture, you get to do just that


Nurture is 6 full months of uplifting follow-up support, to help keep you anchored in your intended path.

It includes:

 6 x 90-min sessions of Hypnotherapeutic Healing™ - 1 per month

Powerful mindset and Reiki energy work

6-month goal-setting


Interim support via email/Whatsapp/Telegram

Save £115 on single ad-hoc sessions

You don't have to do it all by yourself - remember, going it alone is bullshit!

Can you let yourself be supported?

Start your journey with a one-off payment of £599

A payment plan is available HERE.

Or how about an upgrade - going for what you *really* want?

Sophie Shaw Reiki Master Teacher

Nurture Plus

A magical year of guidance and healing support

Nurture Plus is the VIP programme for you if have bigger dreams - and know how much you'll benefit from being supported for longer


Imagine a FULL YEAR of magical support - with extra sessions, bonuses and incredible discounts.

Imagine where you could be, one year from now, if you had the support to get there?



With Nurture Plus, you're focusing on the bigger picture and making a long-term commitment to your joy. You're saying "What I want is worth investing in. I am worth investing in." 


And as soon as you do that, the Universe says fuck YEAH, we're on board too!

Nurture Plus builds on the positive momentum you've created and keeps you going for a full year, through the up and down seasons, through the times of doubting yourself - it gets you where you want to be.

Together, we make this your best year yet.

It includes:

 12 x 90-min sessions of Hypnotherapeutic Healing™ - 1 per month

Powerful mindset and Reiki energy work

1-year goal-setting


Interim support via email/Whatsapp/Telegram

save £228 on single ad-hoc sessions




"Dream Year" meditation - a powerful self-hypnosis audio to feel into your dreams and activate your best year yet

a whopping 20% discount on all my offers, including:

  • bespoke Hypnotic Healing recordings

  • extra sessions

  • Reiki training

  • any current and future courses

  • valid for 12 months

Where could you be a year from now with that kind of support?

Make it happen with a one-off payment of £1,200

A payment plan is available HERE.


Magically anticipating your Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I just do ad hoc sessions?

A: Yes, but I don't advise it. By booking Nurture or Nurture Plus, virtually all of my clients will:

  • save a bunch of money

  • preserve their confidence and fabulous mental health

  • reach - in fact SMASH their goals  

I've seen it happen time and time again - you finish weekly sessions and you tell yourself you'll come for ad hoc sessions when you need to. But somehow you never get around to it.

You tell yourself you haven't got time or money right now. Neither of which - let's be honest - is the real reason

Before long, you've fallen back into old patterns and you feel pissed off with yourself - like nothing ever changes. You've done this before - I know I've done this before!

Isn't it time to break the pattern? Isn't it time to take yourself seriously and make a dedicated investment to your mental health and wellbeing?


Q: It's been more than 90 days since my weekly sessions - can I go straight to the monthly sessions?

A: It depends. These programmes are follow-ups, designed to keep the positive momentum going after your weekly sessions. After 90 days, a round of 6 weekly sessions is the best option before transitioning to monthly.

HOWEVER, we can go straight to monthly sessions, if:

  • you feel that you're generally in good shape, just in need of a boost

  • you want regular accountability to get you to your goals

  • you're not dealing with heavier stuff that requires more support

This is a judgement call for you to make, and requires you to be very honest with yourself about your current needs.

Q: What if I need extra sessions?

A: No problem - we can always book extra sessions if you need them - and with Nurture Plus, you get a 20% discount on all sessions and other offerings.


Q: Can I change my mind?

A: I want to make sure you're happy, so I'll always try to solve this with you in session. But, if at any time during the first 30 days after booking you want to cancel your package, any sessions you've had will be charged at full price (£119), and you'll get a full refund for the remainder, minus a pro-rated service charge.

Any other questions?

If it's been more than 90 days since your last session, book a FREE 30-min call with me HERE and let's catch up!

A payment plan is available HERE.

A payment plan is available HERE.