"As a result of these treatments, I feel more positive and relaxed. I have a complicated medical history and the work Sophie has done has been very beneficial with helping my pain levels."

- E. Papaconstantinou

"The back pain is much, much better – I can bend over without holding onto my knees, and I haven't had the awful migraines like the ones I used to have."

- A. Lee

Drug-free, all-natural pain-relief

Living with chronic pain can be incredibly debilitating; it doesn't just affect your body, your state of mind suffers too - as you probably know all too well...

Working in palliative hospice-care for three years, I learned a lot about helping patients manage the pain they were experiencing. The medical staff were incredibly supportive of complementary therapies - they were thrilled to be able to reduce their patients' pain medications and the associated punishing side-effects.

Comfort and relief are possible - no matter how long you've been in pain.

In private practice, I've seen the same fantastic results - clients have been able to delay, reduce, sometimes even do without their steroids, anti-inflammatories and pain meds. Range of movement is greater and overall wellbeing is hugely improved.


Typically, clients can start to feel improvement after the first session! Within 3-6 sessions, they're well on their way to feeling better than they've done in years.


The gentle techniques used in Hypnotherapy and Reiki are deeply soothing and relaxing, and a proven way of managing pain naturally.


You can experience real relief - forget about pain and start to enjoy your life!

Get in touch today to discuss your individual needs. 

Pain-Relief Programme 


this programme works best if the majority of sessions are taken in-person - £399


Single/follow-up sessions 


In-person - £75

Online Skype/Zoom - £65

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