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Drug-free, all-natural pain relief.


Working in hospice care for three years, I learned a lot about helping patients manage their pain.


I treated patients who were struggling to cope with pain from MND, MS, cancer - you name it. I discovered how incredibly important it was to them to get real relief without having to take strong drugs or injections - it made them feel more human - more alive.


I worked closely with the doctors and nurses on staff - they were thrilled to be able to reduce their patients' pain medications and the horrible side-effects that come with them.

In my private practice, I've seen the same fantastic results - clients have been able to delay, reduce, and sometimes even do without their steroids, anti-inflammatories and pain meds.


They can move more easily, sleep beautifully, enjoy going for a walk again - they've been set free.

Grace* had a car accident about 5 years before she came to see me.


Since then, she'd been in constant pain.


She had numbness and tingling all down one side of her body, terrible headaches, aching jaw, and dreadful pain and stiffness in her neck and shoulders.


After every session, she felt completely free of all symptoms - and this relief stayed with her for weeks - sometimes months at a time.


She was able to come off her pain meds, her sleeping tablets and her sedatives, which gave her an incredible sense of freedom, confidence and independence.

She even went on to learn Reiki with me.

Now she is in control of her pain - she heals herself, and when she needs a 'top-up' she visits me - what freedom!

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The back pain is much, much better and I haven't had the awful migraines like the ones I used to have - Aisling Lee

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Jen* was still suffering pain from an accident at work 15 years earlier.

She was also coping with uncontrolled diabetes and struggling to stop smoking 60 cigarettes a day.


She had to have regular steroid injections and sleep was a total disaster, thanks to crushing back pain.

After treatments with me, she was able to:

  • be discharged from her diabetic clinic to manage it with her GP. 

  • do without her pain meds and delay her steroid injection by 7 months (in fact, it was only a fall that worsened her pain)

  • reduce her smoking from 60 a day to just 5 cigarettes a day.

She found a new lease of life!


And she came to learn Reiki too - another happy Reiki student!

I feel more positive and relaxed.

I have a complicated medical history and the work Sophie has done has been very beneficial with helping my pain levels

- Elena Papaconstantinou

Natural Pain Relief Package

Have you ever noticed how most hypnotherapists don't tell you what they charge?

Yeah... I don't do that. 

The Natural Pain Relief package is six sessions of Hypnotherapy and Reiki, to be taken either weekly or fortnightly, depending on your needs. Each session lasts between 75-90 minutes and includes therapeutic discussion, hypnosis and healing. 

If indicated, these sessions can also include reflexology foot and hand massage and/or Indian head massage (in-person only - I mean, obviously, right?)

All sessions are confidential and you may be given a recording of the hypnotic portion of your session if needed.

You decide how often you want the sessions, what the balance of treatment methods is and whether you want follow-up sessions.

In-person or online via Zoom - £399


Follow-up sessions, if you need them are charged at full price:


In-person or online via Zoom - £70 per session

*names changed to protect client confidentiality

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