Release your fears - for good


I found Sophie’s website, had a free telephone consultation and booked an appointment. That was most definitely one of my better decisions and without exaggerating life-changing.

Incredible is the best way to explain it.

We all I guess have different issues throughout life but thanks to you, Sophie, mine are disappearing.

- S. Duncan

How do I know if I've got a phobia, rather than just a fear?

Is there something you'd like to do - but you can't, because of the awful feeling you get just thinking about it? 

Do you avoid certain situations so that you don't have to face it?

Do you have an unwanted physical response to your fear, like a racing heart, sweating, panic attacks?

That's a phobia!

Wouldn't you like to be free of all of this?


Free to do the things you've been avoiding?


Hypnotherapy is a gentle, totally safe and proven way to free yourself from phobias that hold you back and stop you living your life to the full. 

Circumstances vary, but most phobias can be erased completely in one or two sessions!



Fast Phobia Cure Technique

(single session)


In-person- £110

Online Skype/Zoom - £99

Follow-up sessions

In-person- £75

Online Skype/Zoom - £65