Big, Beautiful, Exciting Change!

Honestly, I usually resist change - I like things settled and familiar, thank you!

If you know me, you know that there are some things that I've done the same way for YEARS, like wearing the same familiar old (black!) jumper, and having the same morning routine.

Yes, change can be super-uncomfortable - and if you're even a little bit prone to anxiety (yup!), then it's really challenging - what if the change is a change for the worse? 😨

But - the absolute essence of life is change - that's where the good stuff is! I am learning to not only embrace but welcome it.

Over the last several months, I have been doing a LOT of work on myself, my business, my goals and plans. (Actually, I'm always working on this stuff, but the last few months have been even more focused!)

I've been doing a lot of thinking about my big dreams - I want to reach and help more people than ever before - how can I achieve that?

I've been resisting certain things and putting them off (see my first sentence!) because they felt too big or too scary.

But now it's time to bust out those big, beautiful changes and open my butterfly wings!

What's Changing:

The first big change is to how you can work with me - scroll down for the headlines.

I absolutely love working with my clients and seeing them transform their wellbeing, it is magical and thrilling.

For years, I've resisted being too 'salesy' and encouraging my clients to re-book.

Nope. I have not been honouring my clients' needs.

I have been in practice for over a decade (wut??) and I know that, while incredible things can happen in a single session, lasting change usually takes more time.

We learn by repetition - the more we can get the body and mind used to feeling good - at ease, in flow, confident, calm, happy - the easier it becomes to return to that state whenever we want.

To support this, I have created some beautiful treatment packages to help you transform any aspect of your life that isn't working for you.

Here they are:

  • Emotional Recovery Programme - for stress, anxiety, depression and emotional pain

  • Sleep Better Programme - for insomnia and sleep issues

  • Fast Phobia Cure Technique - for fears and phobias

Find out more about them here

Every programme is different - structured, yet personal and tailored specifically to your needs - since no two people are the same.

I will still use the powerful combination of Hypnotherapy and Reiki to transform your wellbeing and, depending on your needs, your treatments might include more hands-on therapy, such as Reflexology or massage.​ 

However - I am no longer offering Reflexology or Indian Head Massage as standalone therapies - it's not my focus.

Prices Changes/How You Can Work With Me:

My business has grown hugely over the last few years, and sadly I can no longer sustain undercharging for my work.

Work with me in person

You can work with me in person in one of the following ways:

Book one of my new transformative programmes here.

Single and follow-up sessions of Hypnotherapy are now £75

Single sessions of Reiki are changing - I will now offer two types of session, to better facilitate the way I work.

  • a full session, lasting between 70-90 minutes and including Reiki healing plus full discussion and feedback - £75.

  • a 'top-up' session, lasting 60 minutes and including Reiki healing plus brief discussion and feedback - £55

If you're unsure which type of session you might need, get in touch to book a free consultation. If you've not been to me for a while, you're most likely to need a full session.

Under 16s 30-minute Reiki session is now £35

Work with me from the comfort of your home

You can work with me online in one of the following ways:

Join one of the beautiful online courses that I'm going to be running throughout the year - find out more here

Single and follow-up sessions of Skype/Zoom Hypnotherapy are now £65

Single 45-60 minute sessions of Skype/Zoom Reiki are now £50

And of course, I will be releasing more books this year!

I recently received this amazing feedback for The Hare and the Moon:

"This is a beautifully crafted story ... a great starting point for discussing issues such as anxiety and overthinking. A much needed and reassuring guide for all ages to navigate modern times."

Dr Janet Hoskin - senior lecturer in Special Education at East London University

Stay tuned for more book news coming soon!

I am ridiculously excited to see where 2020 takes us all - I can't wait to help you feel as good as you possibly can.

Time to shine! 🌟

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