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The Hare and the Moon

a calming fable for anxious children

About The Author

Sophie Shaw is a hypnotherapist, author, artist and Reiki Master Teacher.


For over eleven years she has been helping her clients to manage their anxiety, stress and emotional struggles, so that they can lead happier lives.

Inspired by her neurodiverse son, her clients, and by the healing power of the natural world, The Hare and the Moon is her first book.

Sophie lives in the wild green of the beautiful Norfolk countryside with her brilliant son, anxious dog and over-confident cat (seriously, the cat is unspookable).

Sophie Shaw, hypnotherapist, author, Reiki Master Teacher

Contact Me

07946 499 590


About The Book

Originally published in 2019, this full-colour expanded Special Edition and audiobook is launching October 2020

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Did you ever wonder what happened after the Tortoise beat the Hare in a race?

When he's beaten by the slow Tortoise, young Hare feels embarrassed, and his worries overwhelm him. What can he do?

Written and illustrated by therapist and artist Sophie Shaw, The Hare and the Moon is a calming magical fable for anxious children.

The sweet, scared Hare will teach your anxious child simple mindfulness meditation techniques to help them calm their nerves and manage their anxiety.

"Beautifully written to help overcome anxiety, and accessible to all."

Hollie Moore

Special Educational and Disability Needs Coordinator

"A much-needed and reassuring guide for all ages."

Dr Janet Hoskin

Senior Lecturer in Special Education

"A profound and accessible message for children of all ages."

John Maxwell,

Head Teacher and Senior Counsellor

"It made me feel confident."

Raffety, aged 10

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