Well, I am day 4 as a non-smoker and feeling amazing!


My hypnotherapy session with Sophie was wonderful. Incredibly calming and surprisingly quite emotional! 

I came away with no interest in smoking again.


After years of different attempts to stop, I feel so positive about this. It’s been easy, and I couldn’t be happier. 

Thank you so much, Sophie.

Alison Price-Shaw

Ditch nicotine - for good

As an ex-smoker, I understand how difficult quitting smoking can seem. I also know how much easier it is with the right support.


If you're here, it means you're ready to start caring about yourself.

Maybe you've tried to quit smoking or vaping before but ended up back where you started


Maybe you're desperate to quit but you just don't know how. 


Maybe even the idea of quitting smoking seems like a massive mountain that you've no idea how to climb.

Not to worry.


You don't need to know how you will quit - you just need to know that you can - and when you do, it'll be so easy, you'll wonder why you waited so long to set yourself free!

There are two options for quitting smoking - you can choose whichever feels right to you.


The Instant Quit Intensive service is a single session of up to 2 1/2 hours, or you might prefer to withdraw gradually over 2-6 sessions.

Need help deciding? Book a free consultation to discuss your perfect path to freedom!

Instant Quit Intensive Service - single session - £159

Gradual Withdrawal - 2-6 sessions - £69 each

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