a six-week series of online

group meditation retreats

Reboot Your Spirit is a series of six beautiful online group meditation retreats designed to help you shine again.


Rediscover your spark with six weekly guided group meditations, powerful self-hypnosis, group healing, and both group and individual support.

The online meditation space is an oasis of calm away from the chaos of the world. 

Gift yourself some much-needed 'me-time' and be part of something gentle, magical, transformative and deeply healing.

Rediscover your inner glow.

Make some time for yourself - time to get back to feeling like your old self - only better.


You deserve to feel good - and there is no better time than right now to make that happen - why wait - haven't you waited long enough?

This is for you if you're feeling:

sad or anxious ○

defeated/discouraged ○

like you've lost touch with yourself ○

in need of a pick-me-up ○

stressed out/fed up ○

burnt out ○

like you've lost your 'spark' ○

The world seems very bright

I think my outlook has shifted.

The world just seems very bright and I am finding it easier to notice lovely things!

- Kirsty Bolton

Over six weeks, you'll receive:

  • membership to a small, private Facebook group

  • 6 live, guided group meditations via Zoom

  • group discussion and support

  • two powerful hypnosis recordings to download and keep

  • unlimited individual email or chat support

  • access to all call recordings to watch whenever you like

  • printable worksheets

All of the meditations can either be done live with the group or enjoyed in your own time - whatever works for you.

The course is packed with goodness.

All this for just £99

you've taught me to become who I'm meant to be

You have taught me how to meditate,

but more than this you have coached me to listen to my inner voice

and become who I am meant to be.

You are a miracle-worker lady!

- Sara Graves

Reboot Your Spirit is a space to stop, breathe, and reconnect with yourself.


How do you want your life to be?


Same old same old?


Or time to start a new habit - a habit of caring about yourself enough that you listen, really listen to what you need - and honour it.


Maybe you've been promising yourself for ages to start meditating regularly.

Maybe you're an experienced meditator but you've been looking for more connection, more focus, a purpose.

Now is your time.

The meditations are


The meditations are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Powerful stuff. 

Sophie's knowledge, deeply healing voice,

sweetness and wisdom have been a balsam for my emotions

- Anna Miquel Bono

The next live round starts Monday 2nd November

Places are strictly limited, so book now and gift yourself this time.


You'll be amazed to discover what transformations are possible in just six weeks.


You'll find a beautiful respite from stress - a calm oasis from the chaotic world.


You'll rediscover an inner glow, a sense of peace, inspiration and optimism.

£79 is your investment - what you'll get back is priceless.


You deserve to feel good - and now is the perfect time to make that happen - if not now, then when?

I didn't feel tired for the first time in forever

I did get very emotional.

This course has reminded me that I have needs too.

I actually woke up this morning and didn't feel tired

for the first time in, well, forever

- Tracey Harper

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