"The Reiki, well incredible is the best way to explain it, so much so I am now being taught hopefully all the way to Reiki Master level.

- S. Duncan

"Sophie is one of the best Reiki Master Teachers around. Her Reiki technique and healing touch is absolutely beautiful."

- M. Matharu

Full session 

In-person 60-90 mins - £75

'Top-up' session

In-person - 60 mins - £55

Distant Healing

Skype/Zoom - £45

Under 16

30 mins - £35

Reiki Healing

Have you ever walked into a room and been able to sense something - an awkward atmosphere as if something had happened before you arrived?


We usually know instinctively when something feels 'off' - with others and especially within ourselves. Our energy is different, something feels not right.


You might even be aware that something feels held, or 'blocked'.

You're sensing energy, perhaps without even knowing it.


Reiki healing is totally natural - gentle yet incredibly powerful.


It removes blockages in the energy body, allowing for free-flow of 'Ki' and promoting healing on all levels. I've seen some extraordinary transformations in my clients over the years.


When the flow of our energy is blocked or stagnant, we experience a range of unwanted physical, emotional and mental symptoms - stress, anxiety, illness, depression, pain - even accidents and injuries.


Reiki is so deeply relaxing - it has an almost meditative quality, bringing a profound sense of well-being and release - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually*.


Some people experience deep healing in a single session - and some like to have Reiki just to experience it because it feels so good.


More usually, I've found that working with clients over 4-6 sessions, with occasional 'top-up' sessions afterwards, is the most powerful way to create profound and lasting change.

Not sure which type of session is right for you? Get in touch to discuss your needs and find out how you can benefit from Reiki Healing.

Registered Reiki Master Teacher with The Reiki GuildMember No. 1109507.

*Please note that Reiki is not intended as a diagnostic tool or as a replacement for conventional medicine but as a complementary therapy that supports your medical treatments. If you have any concerns about your health, you should consult your G.P.

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