How To Self-Heal With Reiki

an online foundation course equivalent to 2/3rds of Reiki First Degree

A pair of hands, palms together for reiki self-healing

Start your Reiki training journey online today.


○ Would you like to banish anxiety and self-doubt - and discover how to create profound peace, calm and confidence - whenever you like?


○ Have you tried traditional therapies for stress, depression, anxiety and pain and found they haven't worked?

How to Self-Heal with Reiki is a beautiful new foundation course equivalent to two-thirds of Reiki First Degree. 

You'll learn everything you need to know to be able to use Reiki energy to heal yourself - then, when you're ready to complete your First Degree training in person, a Reiki 'completer' course is available.

Take a profound path of transformational healing. 

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Over nine easy-to-follow video modules you will learn:

  • The history of Reiki - what it is and where it comes from

  • How to use Reiki energy to heal yourself

  • About Reiki attunements

  • About the 21-day cleansing process

  • How to do Reiki meditations

  • How to 'sense' energy

  • How to cleanse and balance your energy

  • How to release negative energy safely

  • How to cleanse the energy in your home

  • How to bring deep peace and calm into your world

One of the best

Sophie is one of the best Reiki Master Teachers around.

Her Reiki technique and healing touch are absolutely beautiful

- Mann Matharu


You will receive:


Nine easy-to-follow modules to study at your own pace ○

Live Reiki attunements delivered via Zoom ○

Guided Reiki self-healing ○

 Guided Reiki meditation ○

Over 90 minutes of clear video instruction and guidance ○

Email support and guidance ○

All for just £179.


No deadlines.

No exams.

No tests.

Just gentle, guided practice to help you to feel confident and empowered.

open hands with Reiki light


Without exaggerating life-changing.

The Reiki - well, incredible is the best way to explain it.

So much so I am now being taught hopefully all the way to Reiki Master level

- Steve Duncan

two women hugging and smiling

This course is for you if:

  • You're a complete beginner

  • You've never had Reiki before, but you've heard how amazing it is

  • You've had Reiki in the past and you're curious to know more

  • You're considering becoming a professional Reiki practitioner and you want to experience it for yourself

  • You're interested in alternative therapies

Q: Can I take this course with a friend?

Yes! Lots of people like to study with a friend - it's great to have someone to share your experience with! And, if you take your Reiki journey further, you'll be able to practice on each other!

All your learning is delivered via 16 easy-to-follow videos.

Live Reiki attunements are delivered via a single Zoom call.

The call lasts 30-40 minutes and includes:


Four Reiki healing attunements ○

Q+A session -ask and receive guidance about the course ○

Live Reiki attunements for new students take place throughout the year - get in touch for details.


Your attunements are permanent - you only need to attend one attunement session.

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Highly recommended

Sophie's instruction is beautifully presented, well thought out and easy to follow and her soothing voice is the cherry on top.

Highly recommended - Toni Wills

I have chosen to be happy because it is

Why Learn With Me?


Choosing a Reiki Teacher is personal - your gut will tell you when it's right.

I've been a Reiki Practitioner for 12 years and a Master Teacher for 11 - in that time I've built an extensive private practice, worked for the NHS and been a long-term volunteer in hospice care.


I've trained and healed hundreds of clients, patients and students


I've devoted my professional life to getting rid of all the mythical nonsense (no patchouli, bells or ancient curses!) and delivering Reiki in a no-nonsense, fluff-free way - it may include a fair bit of swearing too ;-)

I will not blather on uselessly about things you don't need to know - I'll get straight to the point and tell you what you do need to know:

What is Reiki and how can I use it to heal myself?


I'd like my clients to feel as safe and comfortable as I did with Sophie. I can honestly say it was a life-enhancing experience for me

- Rachel Mills



Does this course make me a professional Reiki Practitioner?

Not yet.

There are three levels of Reiki training - First, Second and Third Degree.

This Reiki foundation course is about 2/3rds of Reiki First Degree.


The rest of Reiki First Degree is about learning to heal others and this needs to be taught in person, with supervision.


In-person training of Reiki Second Degree is required to practice professionally in the UK. An in-person completer course is available once you've finished the online course. These two together are the equivalent of Reiki First Degree.

Can I complete my Reiki First Degree with you?



I have specifically designed this course so that you can complete your First Degree with me in person with a Reiki 'completer' course, for just £179.


And best of all, the completer course can be done in just a couple of hours.

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