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I work with people in emotional, mental and physical pain, using a powerful combination of therapies to create the carefree, confident and happy life you crave!

Not sure which treatment programme is right for you?

I use Hypnotherapy and Reiki to transform your wellbeing and create lasting, positive changes in your life. Every programme is personal and tailored specifically to your needs - since no two people are the same. 

Depending on your needs, your treatment might also include more hands-on therapy, such as Reflexology or massage.

Click on the links below for more details and get in touch for a FREE 30-minute Discovery Call to find out how I can help you.

Make this the year you get happy!

Treatment Programmes

Emotional Recovery Programme

For anxiety, depression and emotional pain

Burnout Recovery Programme

For stress and fatigue

Sleep Better Programme

For insomnia and sleep issues

Fast Phobia Cure Technique

For fears and phobias

Transformation Programme

For weight and food management

Reiki Healing

For everything :)     |     Mulbarton, Norwich    |

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