Relaxed man with eyes closed

"Her sessions have supported me to progressively heal from both physical and mental blocks. This in turn helped me to both complete the final year of my degree and cope with significant life changes."

- H. Saleemi

"She has helped build my character and given me the strength and determination to follow, and achieve my dreams!"


- N. Castillo 

Burnout Recovery Programme


In-person - £399

Online Skype/Zoom - £350


Follow-up sessions


In-person - £75

Online Skype/Zoom £65

Relax and let go of stress

Stop what you're doing and take a deep breath. 

Now let it go. Good.


How long have you been dealing with stress?


Too long?

  • feeling overwhelmed?

  • irritable or angry?

  • sleepless nights?

  • low confidence/self-esteem?

  • stress-eating or drinking too much?

  • headaches?

  • digestive issues?

Perhaps you thought that taking a break was a luxury you just didn't have time for?


So let me ask you:

If not now, then when?


Studies have shown that stress has a hugely detrimental effect on your physical and mental health - and that dedicated 'you time' and deliberate relaxation actually increase productivity. 


That's right! 

Looking after your needs will actually make you a better parent, partner, friend, employee, entrepreneur, family member!

The powerful techniques used in Hypnotherapy and Reiki are so gentle, and so deeply relaxing, that you'll find you can just drift off and forget your cares...

You'll even find that the feeling of deep relaxation stays with you for longer and longer after each session - and that what used to disturb you no longer has the same effect...

Try the six-week Burnout Recovery Programme to supercharge your wellbeing - or get in touch to tailor a programme to your individual needs.