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It worked!

I came to see Sophie for Hypnotherapy to address negative emotions and thought patterns. I had tried other talking therapies with other people in the past, but they had never really worked for me.

Sophie is lovely, as is her therapy room. During the session, I felt relaxed and safe - I left feeling quite emotional and I fell asleep early that night. The next day I woke up feeling refreshed and have felt more positive ever since!

It's hard to quantify, but it’s like Sophie enabled me to hug my subconscious, told it everything would be ok and gave it the power to reboot.


Everything feels like less of a struggle, less challenging, less stressful. I can see what I need to do, even simple everyday tasks that had become overwhelming.

I feel stronger and clearer than I have in a long while. I will definitely be returning for future sessions!

Ali Pennell


Well, I am day 4 as a non-smoker and feeling amazing!


My hypnotherapy session with Sophie was wonderful. Incredibly calming and surprisingly quite emotional! Beforehand we had a really good, honest chat and I felt Sophie really understood me. I never felt embarrassed or judged, and my entire session was very personal. 

I came away with no interest in smoking again.


I don’t want to go back down that road again, and after years of different attempts to stop, I feel so positive about this. It’s been easy, and I couldn’t be happier. 

Thank you so much, Sophie.

Alison Price-Shaw


I was told about Reiki by a friend at work and I was more than sceptical when hearing his experiences, thinking no way can that be true. Finally, after some months I thought ok let’s give it a go.


I found Sophie’s website had a free telephone consultation and booked an appointment. That was most definitely one of my better decisions and without exaggerating life-changing.


Sophie make you feel so relaxed and at ease with her warm, kind and considerate personality. And the Reiki - well, incredible is the best way to explain it - so much so I am now being taught hopefully all the way to Reiki Master level.


We all, I guess, have different issues throughout life but thanks to you Sophie mine are disappearing.

Stephen Duncan


Sophie is an amazing teacher, mentor and friend.


I have been lucky enough to do all three levels of Reiki training with her and would definitely recommend everything about the way she taught me - the space and time that she gave to me and the caring, knowledgeable and thoughtful way she shared her wisdom.


Thanks Sophie, I am so grateful to you.

Sarah Wason


If you are thinking of seeing Sophie, please go ahead and do so. Her sessions are absolutely transformative and beautiful, and have supported me to progressively heal from both physical and mental blocks. This in turn helped me to both complete the final year of my degree and cope with significant life changes.


She is a wonderful teacher and made my introduction to Reiki the best it could be.


I cannot thank Sophie enough, and together with her warm, witty and intuitive disposition her sessions became more like visiting an old friend. She has honestly helped me to transform for the better.

Hufsa Saleemi


Reiki has supported me throughout the years giving me clarity and guidance. As a teacher and mother, I found this 'me time' rare and precious, but I eventually had weekly sessions. I have been healed by this incredible practitioner for eight years; she has helped build my character and given me the strength and determination to follow, and achieve my dreams!


Thank you, Sophie, as well as making me always feel so immensely relaxed and relieved, I will be forever grateful of your huge inspiration and the great confidence you have helped bring out in me.

Nathalie Castillo


As a result of these treatments, I feel more positive and relaxed.

I have a complicated medical history and the work Sophie has done has been very beneficial with helping my ongoing pain levels. 

Sophie has been professional in the way she has conducted herself; the treatment room is welcoming and I am always asked for any medical updates on my condition.


Overall I am really pleased I have been able to receive this treatment and to work with Sophie to improve my overall well-being.  

Elena Papaconstantinou


I was seeking Reiki therapy to complement medical treatments I was going through at the time. I found Sophie to be completely professional and empathetic in the way she dealt and still does deal with me.


The treatments I receive from Sophie are soothing and healing both emotionally and physically (my hormone levels improved as a direct result). I still regularly have treatments with Sophie and my respect for her and her ability continues to grow. 


In the years that I have known Sophie, I have found her to always be professional, sympathetic and a wonderful listener. She is keen to discuss the treatment, both before and after, and will adapt it if necessary. 


Sophie has integrity; she is reliable, trustworthy and certainly has a 'people personality'. 


Bridget Parker