What is Reiki?

A beautiful, natural energy healing system founded by Mikao Usui in the early 1920s - Reiki is more popular today than it's ever been. 

Reiki healing is used to balance the energy in the body, mind and spirit, in order to achieve a state of wellbeing at every level. A Reiki Practitioner channels pure Universal energy through to the person being treated, creating extraordinary peace and calm that lasts well beyond the session.

What is it used for?

All-natural, totally safe and profoundly relaxing, Reiki can be used to soothe, ease and heal virtually any difficulty - physical, mental and emotional or spiritual.

In my experience, it usually works on all levels at once.

Reiki training is designed to be beautifully simple and easy to learn. The powerful healing tools can be learned very quickly - usually in a couple of sessions.


Why learn Reiki?

  • ease anxiety, recover from depression, soothe pain

  • take control of your wellbeing

  • learn a new skill

  • change your career

  • discover profound inner peace and calm - whenever you like

I've been a Reiki Master Teacher for over ten years, and it still manages to surprise me!

The extraordinary and profound healings are like nothing else. 

There is something so magical about empowering a new student with the beautiful, healing tools of Reiki and seeing them finally find peace.

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