Lovely, you've struggled long enough.

Let me help you.

I work with people in emotional pain - people trying to cope with anxiety, depression, stress and overwhelm.

Does this sound like you?

Do you beat yourself up, or feel anxious and guilty a lot of the time - like nothing you do is good enough and you're letting everyone down?


Do you feel anxious, angry or depressed for no obvious reason - even when 'good' things are happening?


Do you wake up exhausted, plagued by unwanted thoughts, with a feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach about having to face the day?

You're not alone - and that's all about to change.

Absolutely transformative and beautiful.

Her sessions became more like visiting an old friend.

- Hufsa Saleemi

How I can help you

One-to-one sessions

I use a powerful combination of Hypnotherapy and Reiki to get quick, profound and long-lasting results.


Client sessions take place online via video chat or in person in my treatment space.


I see some of the most amazing transformations in the clients who work with me in this way!



○ sleep better

○ experience hope for the first time in years

○ regain their confidence

○ get stronger, emotionally and physically

You can either book single sessions or a treatment package to get the best value.

Take an online course

Magically create wellbeing from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Choose from a selection of beautiful courses, designed to help you take control of your own wellbeing and discover how to create your own happiness.

Students are learning how to practice Reiki for self-healing; how to sleep better; how to meditate for peace of mind, and much more.

Staying in doesn't have to mean missing out!

Learn Reiki

Start your own transformative Reiki healing journey with a Reiki training course.

Choose from online learning or in-person training and discover what Reiki is, where it comes from and how to use it to heal yourself and others.

Fully certified Reiki courses from complete beginner to professional Practitioner, then to Master Teacher.

Learn a new skill to enhance your life, or change your career - the choice is yours.


Treatment Packages

Experience a deep sense of peace and calm as you rediscover wellbeing.


Recover from anxiety, depression, stress, overwhelm, compulsive behaviours, fears and phobias - naturally.


Whatever your emotional struggle, happiness is possible.

Recover from insomnia, restore your energy and learn to sleep again.

Wake up in the morning when you want to, after a beautifully refreshing night's sleep.

Break the cycle of sleeplessness and enjoy going to bed and sleeping again.

Drug-free all-natural pain relief.

Improve your sleep, your range of movement and your mobility - totally naturally.

Experience true comfort and freedom, with no side effects.

Not sure what's right for you? Book a free 30-min Discovery Call and let's chat about how I can help you.

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